University of Michigan Gloves

Top of the World Michigan Wolverines Ladies Butter Fingers Knit Gloves – Navy Blue

You like to show off your Wolverines pride no matter the circumstances so when it gets cold outside put on these Michigan-inspired gloves. These Butter Fingers knit gloves from Top of the World feature an embroidered team logo on team-colored fabric. These knit gloves will keep your hands warm while making you look cool and smooth just like butter. When the Wolverines score another six points on the field put your hands in the air and show those around you your touchdown moves as you stay comfortable in the breezy weather ?€“ thanks to these winter gloves.




$ 11.95

Grandma Pants Michigan Wolverines Team Spirit Fleece Mittens – Navy Blue

It can get cold out in the stands during game day ?€“ especially if the Michigan rivals are giving you an icy glare. Before you head out for a brisk evening at the Wolverines game make sure your hands are in perfect condition for clapping with these Team Spirit fleece mittens from Grandma Pants. They feature sublimated Michigan Wolverines graphics and the fleece material will keep you nice and warm. These cozy mittens will even melt the coldest of stares from Michigan?€™s rivals!




$ 21.95

Michigan Wolverines Texting Mittens ?€“ Navy Blue

It is a chilly game day for Michigan and you are meeting up with your friends. Avoid the hassle of removing your gloves to text them with these Texting mittens. You?€™ll be smitten with these mittens?€™ team mascot-themed top while their thumb holes make it ultra-convenient to text without getting cold fingers. These soft fleece-lined mittens also feature a Michigan wordmark on the cuff for that extra pop of team pride! Nothing can stop you from cheerin?€™ on your Wolverines or keeping in touch with your fellow fans ?€” not even Mother Nature!




$ 21.95

McArthur Michigan Wolverines Touch Gloves – Black

Colder temps have never stopped you from attending a Wolverines game ?€” but cumbersome gloves? They’ve definitely gotten in your way. Picture this: you’re at the game and the Wolverines are about to score. You have the camera on your phone aimed at the players. Just as Michigan swoops in for the win you tap your phone and ?€” nothing happens. Your phone doesn’t register the pressure of your finger through the bulky fabric of your gloves! Even if you took your gloves off your fingers would be numb and stiff with cold making navigating your phone equally impossible. Easily handle your touch phone GPS an ATM and even the touchscreens at gas stations when you wear the Touch gloves from McArthur. They feature special touch-reactive material on the thumb and forefinger that make tapping sliding and swiping those fussy screens a breeze. With a fitted ribbed cuff jersey material boasting an embroidered Michigan logo on the back of the hand and fleece fabric making up the palm fingers and lining these cozy gloves will be solid backup during any cold-weather event. Look who’s winning now!




$ 19.95

adidas Michigan Wolverines Navy Blue Team Logo Fleece Gloves

Your hands will stay super warm all game long when you slip them into these team-spirited fleece gloves by adidas featuring an embroidered team logo!




$ 13.95