University of Michigan Wallets

Michigan Wolverines Women’s Clip-On ID Wallet – Navy Blue

A girl needs her hands free at the Wolverines games ?€” how else is she gonna hold up signs and cheer for her favorite Michigan boys on the field? Don?€™t lug your purse around or make your bf hold your essentials; clip this handy wallet to your belt loop! It features an easy-access zippered compartment with an interior zippered pocket and a clear plastic window that?€™s perfect for storing either your ID or your touch screen cell phone. Plus this team-colored wallet has a bold embroidered Michigan wordmark on one side so you can flaunt your pride without the burden of a hefty bag!




$ 15.95

Michigan Wolverines Ladies PERF-ect Wallet – Maize/Navy Blue

Are you still carrying that boring old wallet with you everywhere? That’s rather unbecoming of a true Wolverines fanatic. You should be reppin’ your team with all your accessories! It’s time to upgrade your billfold with the Michigan Wolverines PERF-ect wallet. This bi-fold wallet with perforated accents vibrant team colors and a team logo helps keep you organized with an expandable bill pocket a six-slot card organizer and a zippered change pocket. Each time you pull out this wallet your die-hard Michigan spirit will be revived!




$ 14.95

Michigan Wolverines Big Banjees Wrist Wallet – Navy Blue

Slap your Michigan pride on your wrist and keep your belongings secure with the Big Banjees wrist wallet! Just slip it around your wrist pull open the fabric hood slide your cell phone into the main pocket ?€” which is large enough to hold your keys cash identification and credit cards ?€” and pull the hood back over your phone for quick safe and easy storage. It’s also made out of a cool breathable super lightweight material that?€™s designed to absorb moisture so it’s perfect for holding your music player while working out. Polished off by a vibrant printed team logo on the outside this incredibly convenient wallet pocket is sure to emit your die-hard Wolverines spirit for all to see and admire!




$ 14.95

Michigan Wolverines Ladies Purse Plus with Touch Screen – Navy Blue-Maize

You?€™re ready to go to the Wolverines game but you?€™re scrambling around the house for a purse. Your guy is at the door tapping his foot ?€“ you just don?€™t want to take that big bulky thing that will keep you from cheering! It?€™s essential that you take a purse because unlike your man you can?€™t just shove stuff in your pockets. Then you find it: this purse – the Purse Plus a purse so cute and compact that you’ll never run late for a Wolverines game again! The purse features a slip-in compartment for your phone with a touch screen face so you can still use your phone without having to remove it from your purse. The center zips up and has two compartments for your necessities and an elastic band for a pen or maybe some lip gloss. The front compartment features the team logo and a hook and loop fastener to keep items safe. Finally this purse has two straps a short one and a long one so you can carry it around your shoulder or on your wrist. Show off your Michigan spirit at the next game without holding up your boo!




$ 19.95